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Hey Arthletic Family!

Hope everyone had an awesome Thursday Morning! Sunny and Blue here in Miami. The Arthletic Team is taking off to paradise in the pacific, a.k.a. Hawaii! We will be posting photos from our trip so follow us and subscribe. We will also be doing some Periscope for everyone. Just download the Periscope App and follow us @ArthleticLife

Guys! Last week we met an awesome young woman who turned out to be an inspirational individual, her name is Valeria.  Not only is she a teacher, but a mother, writer for Run South Florida, entrepreneur (@TriHardLiveEasy), and even a tri-athlete herself! Great role model for all women out there who think they can't handle everything at once, all it takes is commitment and faith in yourself, they go hand in hand. Valeria wrote a great article not too long ago on commitment. Check it out, it is a very eye opening piece and a great philosophy. 

Click Here -> Article in 'Run South Florida' ( : "Commitment-Phobes?" By. Valeria Rodriguez

We want to know what you are #committedto , this way we can inspire others to do the same or possibly even find their own commitments! If you find yourself to not be committed to anything yet, pledge to something whether it is running, training, crossfit, your relationship, becoming a better you, or whatever your passion may be. Whatever it is, let us know, and what better way to show and remind yourself of your commitment than the FitRing!

High five!


Fit Ring is ALMOST HERE!

July 09, 2015

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